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Calculator & Analyzer
for hydroponics nutrient solution formulae
Hydroponics Nutrient Solution Formulae Computation isn't an easy task
        Amateurs growers wanting to starts in hydroponics are confined either to use some formula already published in the related literature or to buy a mix of salts available in the specialized market. In both cases those formulae were calculated by others according to their own needs.

Most of them were defined empirically by researchers after many trials and errors. Sometimes these formulae work very well to many growers, but in occasions they fail for others.

As a metaphor, it can be compared such as the differences between manufactured and “tailor made” clothes. Of course, ready made mixes doesn’t fit to everybody needs.

In general, there is a reason:


The main tool used in order to develop hydroponics nutrient solution formulations has been the mathematical chemical manual calculation. To do that it is not easy for common people without enough chemical knowledge.

Lately it has appeared few computer systems to simplify that job. All of these systems that were found and studied by the author offer certain misstatements.
Vitarán HC is the best hydroponics formulae computer program
Vitarán HC is a simple system with precise instructions to follow for most growers.

Vitarán HC is not a panacea. In many occasions it requires a good judgment from user in order to reach the final appropriated result.

Vitarán HC uses Microsoft Excel® (*)

(*) Microsoft Excel® is a trade brand by Microsoft Corp. USA.
Water is a substance having a great capacity to dissolve other materials.
Vitaran HC starts with the study of properties of the water supply.
Grower's available water is highly important in hydroponics practice.

Vitaran HC software is an excellent starting point for success in hydroponics.

Consequently Vitaran HC works with water as a previous step to design an appropriate formula.

Only with a “tailor made” formula errors can be eliminated.
Some more sections in the CD
n Required atomic weights.
n Conversion mEq/l / mmol/l / ppm’s tables.
n Electrical conductivities.
n EC required by different plants tables.
n Relationship between EC, ppm and mmol/l.
n Formulae cost calculation.
n Several graphs..
n Properties of chemicals used in hydroponics.
n Entering standard value ranges.
n Automatic formula computation.
n Resulting formulae.
n Concentrates preparation.
n Different concentration formula.
n Formulae’s EC.
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Vitaran HC
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Something about Water

Water is the main and fundamental component of a nutrient solution. The other chemical products in it (salts and acids) only can be considered as additives.

However, the water known as such, is not one kind. There are as many different waters as extraction places of it can be imagined. Sea water, well water, stream water, etc. are some of the names water has all of them according their origin. But this is not enough to consider.them as a unique substance. There are as many sea waters, stream waters and well waters as seas, streams and wells there are around us.

Considering that all these waters can dissolve  other substances during their running changing  their own initial transporting composition,  the water quality equation is absolutely infinite.

In Nature, pure water practically doesn't exist. To get pure water as a liquid state it is necessary to extract all dissolved substances it contains  Distillation is one of the procedures to do it.

Hydroponics could be practiced with many water types. Most times it is not required a total pure water grade. But, it should be understood that there are many unacceptable waters for our use. These ones should be treated before to start using them for hydroponics.

There are some waters that maybe doesn't require a previous purification procedure but only they can be used if a special "custom made"  formula is prepare for each one of them.
Software” contains a lecture on
the water in hydroponics
A Power Point presentation with speaker voice
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Analysis quality control
Water chemical test
Chemical analysis from different waters

& MMol/L
….and many others calculation sheets, information charts, and  ralated tables.